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Star Electric offers a wide variety of services to handle all your residential needs. We offer electrical for all homes from track style homes to high end residential. Our goal is to stay creative, innovative and keep our clients up to date with lighting and technology solutions.


Whether you are building a new home or updating an existing one there are many items to consider when planning the electrical system. Let us help you all the way from the design phase to the final completion of your project.

Lighting Design
Lighting design is a broad category and plays a very important part in creating a mood or setting in a custom home. Our team can assist you with lighting design, items such as recess can size and type, light fixture locations, accent lighting, LED Kelvin color temperature are just a few items that can make a major difference in a home

Lighting control/Smart home devices
Create a scene or shut off all lights with the touch of a button or a smartphone command. The smart home devices are becoming more relevant and more user friendly. Our Lutron certified pros can get your home tailored to all your smart home needs.

Back Up Generators
Losing power for multiple days during a Montana winter can be a scary thought. Put your mind at ease by having a backup generator permanently installed at your residence. Our Generac certified installers can set up a generator to back up your entire home or just back up the essentials to stay comfortable during a power outage. With an automatic transfer switch installed you may not even notice power went out.

At Star Electric we strongly feel it is important to 100% back our work and take care of our clients. We have an in-house service team to ensure any problems that occur on a project will be immediately addressed and resolved in the best timely manner possible.

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