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Star Electric has a multi-family team that is second to none. While continuously working on multi-family electrical projects, we understand that project schedule is a top priority. Through the years of multi-family experience we have come up with many processes and procedures to increase efficiency and maintain a flawless work schedule.


A substantial apartment or condominium project requires significant planning and a distinguished team of contractors and sub-contractors. Star Electric has a team in place to assist with project planning, estimating, and design. Once on site our team delivers professional and prompt electrical services. We have many great team players that are willing to work with and assist other on-site subcontractors to keep projects moving forward.

Estimating/Value Engineering
Putting together an estimate for a multifamily project is a lot more involved than just punching numbers into a calculator. Our detailed oriented estimators look at all angles of the project and consider many options when calculating an estimate. Value Engineering and savings options are always considered and can be a big help with project budgets.

Pre-Fab Team
Our in-house prefab team can have exterior outlets, bath fans, and even breaker panels wired and ready to be installed as they arrive at the project. This method is a major on-site time saver and can help the on-site technicians keep the schedule on pace.

Project Managers
Project management is the key to have a flawless project. Star Electric assigns a project manager to all projects as well as a designated on-site electrician to see the project through.

At Star Electric we strongly feel it is important to 100% back our work and take care of our clients. We have an in-house service team to ensure any problems that occur on a project will be immediately addressed and resolved in the best timely manner possible.

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